Welcome to Ki-Elements!  Please stay tuned as my practice transitions and exciting new beginnings are on the horizon! Stay tuned! Literally! Meanwhile, enjoy my blog.



It hit me this morning, that Independence Day is already here! It always seems to take so long for summer to arrive and then BOOM, July 4th is here. And I don't know about you, but I've never understood the folks that say the 4th, here in the States, is the mid-way point of summer. For me, it is just the beginning.

This morning, in my meditation, my guides told me I needed to begin my podcast and therefore write my blog to go along with it, on what Independence really means. If you are new to Ki-Elements and don't have experience working with me, I have been meditating for years and swear by its health benefits. I am a lover of life and living it to the fullest, which means FEELING every bit of it, as much and often as I can. And through meditation is where I receive my guidance, my balance, my direction. So, this morning, my guides told me to begin.

This entire year has been a year of reflection, transition, rest and spiritual growth for me. It has been wonderful, painful, and full of emotion. When I was thinking about Independence, I thought about what I have been trying to achieve since I was a little girl. If you think about it- Independence begins at birth. Becoming independent from your mother in the womb, all the way through the stages of infancy, through childhood, etc. Then the glorious, rebellious teen years! And then- the horrendous, yet wonderfully liberating young adult stage that leads to mid-life, where I am now.

Last summer, for many reasons, I decided to work with a company in the Corporate Wellness arena. At first, I was uneasy and felt a huge sense of fear with what I knew was growth, yet felt like death. Ki-Elements was changing. The human side of me needed to continue with spreading the health far and wide because it is, in my opinion, a big part of spiritual health. But I knew deep inside, my soul calling was deeper and my health coaching was just touching the surface. My clients knew this, too. And so, when I took the first step of what felt like "death" by stepping back from my private health coaching practice and went full-time with a wonderful company, I began to feel some amazing changes within.

I began a journey of independence. I stopped "doing" what I thought business owners were expected to do, to earn, to make of themselves. I stopped working unbelievable exhausting hours. I stopped sacrificing my own well-being to take care of everyone else around me. I began to rest. I began to enjoy my free time after work. I began to see that freedom and independence for me, was not what the entrepreneur industry was trying to sell me. Owning a business, for me, was not freedom. It was long, hard, unbelievable blood, sweat, and stress!

With my new found freedom I was able to reflect on other times I "bought in" to what society told me was expected or real, because I wanted it to BE. Like family situations, money situations, friendships, careers, education, spirituality, EVERYTHING. And what I discovered is...all that matters is how I FEEL. And how I handle myself through the situation. No amount of pride is going to sustain a happy life for me. No amount of money is going to buy me that deep knowing that I am not alone and my soul is content- in other words- spiritual fitness. No amount of education is going to create the "bestie sleep overs" that I have every single night, with my "bestie", when we get under the covers, laugh about the day, talk philosophy, or just marvel that we've found each other this time around. No amount of keeping up with the Jones's is going to help me get my children through their deep down heartaches and help prepare them for their own precious and wild lives.

It is the soulful independence that gives me the courage to love myself enough to be able to step outside of life when it gets too intense to be able to "see" what I need to do, or better yet not do, to allow and trust that things unfold exactly as they will and that I will always be OK.  It is the trust in the unseen and unproven that gives me the ability to be independent of getting caught up in fear that can feel paralyzing at times.

It is the experiences of the unseen and unproven that have shown me how to live my soul centered life. And it is within my soul centered life that I have found a life I could never have dreamed possible. Tell me sweet friend, what does independence mean to you?